------- Cheatsheet

Move keyboard shortcut and
cheat sheet.

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Getting to know the
move bar.

Think of move bar as your navigation center for your desktop. Use Option Space to open the bar and use it by typing in a keyword or command from the list below. You can open any document, web page, app, and much more.
It will select your tab with email and it will be brought to the foreground
Let’s say you have 50 apps or pages open and need to find an important email. Use a relevant keyword in move bar and you’ll be able to quickly find it.

Within settings you can fine tune your recording preferences, create your own custom shortcuts and
much more.
Command / keyword
Launch move bar
Pause what move is recording for you
Open move settings and preferences
Think of spaces as self-contained workspaces where you can organize your desktop content. Jump in and out your different spaces by using option+tab, the floating icon, or move bar.
To create your first space, open move bar and type “create new space from desktop”. This will save all your open windows to a custom space. Once your spaces are built, use the “push” and “pull” commands to move things from
space to space.
Command / keyword
Create blank new space
Create new space from everthing on desktop
Exit back to default space
Close all windows in space
Mark as floating keeps app open across all spaces
Mark as transient keeps app open for a set amount of time
Push window from your space
Pull window into your space
Jump to a specific object across all spaces
Navigate back through your desktop history
Rewind allows you to not just replay but RECALL anything that’s ever come across your desktop. This means you can revist a browsing session, conversation, or project and open it as if you never left. Every detail is restored.
Pull text from any past event that has crossed your screen.
Simply click a past browser
window to reopen it.
Command / keyword
Play / Pause
Previous frame
Search rewind
Show all screens
Show specific screen
For more shortcuts use the “?” key when rewind is open
If there’s anything you don’t want to be captured, use the pause button or incognito mode.