Use Case Overview

Recall every moment

No more hunting down links, websites, or email
conversations. Move allows you to record &
recall your digital experience without the need to click save. The moment you engage with any of your devices, Move creates a library of vary moment including audio, video, screenshots and metadata for easy access.

One search for everything

One place to search anywhere. Move bar has made it
easy to find any moment you’re looking for. With an
easy-to-use interface, you can search for any application or file in your library.

Window manager

Stronger together, access content on your Computer & Smartphone at once. move. enables you to access every moment in time across every application on all devices, while online or offline, whether you saved or bookmarked it or not.

Tag important moments

Instantly tag any online event whether you liked
something on Social Media, purchased it online, watched it or listened to it, Move makes it easy to tag and revisit anything that catches your eye.

Review prior work

Want to review how you edited that photo in photoshop or how you fixed that bug while programming but don’t remember the exact steps? Move allows you to rewind and replay the exact moment, so don’t have to waste time with guesswork. You also have the ability to pull text from any prior event. That means no more lost word documents.

Create contexts

Create autonomous environments for different use cases e.g. a project, your coding work, or whatever you can think of. move spaces allow you to switch between your specific arrangement of applications and browser windows with ease, without having to keep any of the unused apps running in the background.